The Real Estate Company

Young and dynamic, focused on quality and dedicated to clients.

The Real Estate Company is a young and dynamic company, proud to distinguish itself from other real estate agencies with the quality of our service and commitment to clients, and with the efficiency through which we help our clients find a home.

The Real Estate Company focuses on real estate rentals to expats in The Hague region. Whether you are looking for a studio, a family home or a villa, we will happily find the right home for you. We specialise in both furnished or unfurnished apartments, for short or long-term lease.

The Real Estate Company Green – We believe in the importance of a green and sustainable business. We drive green Hybrid vehicles, use green energy and limit our use of paper. By innovative means of digitalisation we offer electronic signing with all our documents and digital ecosystem and have limited our use of paper by 85%.

Contact us today, and our team will be delighted to help you get installed in the wonderful international city that is The Hague!

The Real Estate Company carries the quality label Verhuurders Belangen

In order to obtain this label, the agency has to go through rigorous financial and quality tests. Recognising the Real Estate Company’s excellent services for both landlords and tenants, its expert knowledge and personal approach, Verhuurdersbelangen has awarded their quality label to our agency. This is the biggest quality label in the Netherlands, with over eighty affiliated rental agencies. With this status, we assure the quality of all tenancy agreements that the Real Estate Company facilitates. Verhuurdersbelangen supports the agencies assigned with this label in order to improve the quality of office services and serves to advise and control all activities.

The label also allows for a more thorough and extended background check of future tenants. The provision of legal advice and debt collection services further accelerates the agency’s resolution of any legal or financial disputes. For you, the client, this is a guarantee of the quality that you may expect.

The Real Estate Company Green – We believe in the importance of a green and sustainable company. We drive in hybrid cars, use green energy and limit our use of paper. Through innovative ways of digitization, we offer electronic signing for all our documents and the digital ecosystem, in this way we have reduced our paper use by 85%.