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With more than 900 units The Real Estate Company is the best partner to manage your properties.

The Real Estate Company is a full service agency.

Managing properties also falls under these services.

Who is taking care of your property and where is damage reported? Who will manage this and who determines what costs are for the tenant and what is the responsibility of the landlord? What do you do if a delay in rental payments occurs and how do you prevent it from occurring in the future?

We can also take the management of your property out of your hands. For this we charge a percentage of 5% per month with an emergency line that is also available at night, weekends and public holidays.

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Property Management in a nutshell

Collecting rental payments and possible arrears by acting quickly and finding a solution together with the tenant

Monthly preparation of a cost & income report

Recording, performing maintenance as well as a 24/7 emergency service.

Costs for owner or tenant clearly indicated, you will never be billed unnecessarily.

Managing, updating and arranging leases

Carrying out annual rent increases

The Real Estate Company
Property Management in a nutshell

More information

Fully transparent: You have full access to your files, financial data, rental contracts and notes. Instead of requesting your files and receiving copies, you can now log into a digital environment with filled tenant information, rental agreements, invoices etc.

Third-party account: Choose to have the rent transferred to our third-party account (derdengelden-rekening) or to your own dedicated account, we can link the data to our management system. If you have more than 10 Rental Units, we can create and link a new account for you free of charge.

Eliminate vacancy: By working pro-actively in arranging seamless tenant transitions and long-term tenants, there will be minimal (mutation) vacancy.

Clean check-out: A home must be delivered well. If something is broken or maintenance has to be carried out at the hands of the tenant we will  arrange this with the tenant and/or guarantor and follow up on it immediately. Unnecessary costs are just a waste.

Your personal dashboard.

Complete and clear, transparant and when you have any questions we are there for you.

Possibilities and cost

Financial Management: carrying out the debtor management, catching up with arrears, annual rent increases and settling damages from the guarantor. Costs: 3% excl. VAT

Maintenance: Perform repair requests, check whether the costs are on the tenant’s side, short-circuit repair between maintenance team and tenant, track-work in system. Cost: 3% excl. VAT

Financial and Maintenance. Together 5 % excl. VAT

Online dashboard: Free

Amicable collection: Free

Deposit Management: Free

Tenant manager costs
Tenant manager costs
Tenant manager costs