Renting out your house step by step

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Our procedure from the first contact moment to the key handover of your new tenant.

1 Contact us

You can contact us for a non-binding appointment by phone, the online contact form, by mail or by visiting our us at out office.

2 Intake meeting

After contacting us, we will make an appointment with you for a personal intake meeting. You will receive a confirmation by mail.

3 House intake

After a suitable time and date has been agreed, we will visit your house to take your property in using the ‘Property Intake Form’, to make a good (free) photo report and to discuss with you the appropriate rental price. Important matters such as rental terms, type of tenants and rental period are also discussed with you.

It is important that you have prepared the following points in advance:

  • Gross cost for your home
  • Questions you have regarding TREC

You will also receive an email with all the issues discussed after the visit, as well as a copy of the previously mentioned “Property Intake Form”.

4 Footage appointment

To ensure that we are able to advertise your home as successfully as possible, we also make an appointment to take pictures of your home. These pictures are for both internal and external use.

5 Pro-active advertising

Your home is placed on more than 28 national and international websites. We also take care of the attention of your home by sending the new available property to the right (international) organisations and housing seekers. In addition, we place your property on our website, Pararius, Facebook and Instagram.

Extra exposure? Ask for the possibilities to advertise and / or place your property paid on Facebook or Funda and a professional visual portfolio.

6 Appointment candidate tenants

Before we schedule visits with candidate tenants, we will schedule an appointment to discuss the following matters with the candidate tenant:

  • Is there a match between tenant and house?
  • What kind of work does the tenant do?
  • What is the tenant’s income?
  • How many people, what is the (family) composition and the start date of the tenancy?

7 Viewings

After the appointment with the candidate tenant, he or she goes with our colleague to visit the property. After that, the candidate tenant is taken back to the office for a post-call. Here the aim is to fill in the ‘Intention to let statement’ or to schedule a second visit.

8 Follow up / ‘Intention to let statement’

When interested, an official and binding bid form will be sent to the candidate tenant who, with the support of a TREC colleague, will be filled in with matters such as:

  • Rent excl. / incl.
  • Rental period
  • Furniture
  • And any additional conditions (e.g. paint requests or different withdrawal dates)

Also, the candidate tenant must provide the right and legally required documentation. After screening, these documents, together with the ‘Intention to let statement’ will be send to you.

9 Rental agreement

When you accept the above-mentioned offer, the candidate tenant will be informed and the lease will be made by The Real Estate Company.

This agreement lists all matters and arrangements agreed by both parties. In addition, primary (rent, start date of tenancy, terms, advances etc.) and secondary (garden maintenance, repairs, taxes, notice period, registration etc.) matters are included in the contract.

If you have agreed, after verification, the agreement is send to both parties digitally for (digital) signing. A copy can be found in our file and is always available for you as well as other information of the tenant.

10 Check-in and key transfer

Prior to check-in and key transfer, the tenant must have transferred the rent and deposit to the Real Estate Company for the rental of your property.

Next, an appointment is made for the check-in and transfer of the keys. Here we check the state of the house, we make a digital ‘Check-in Report’ and note the readings on the gas, electricity and water meters. Damage is clearly documented by means of photographs and notes related to the deposit and check-out. After the report is signed by both parties, the keys are handed over.

11 Property management

Who is taking care of your property and where is damage reported? Who will manage this and who determines what costs are for the tenant and what is the landlord? What do you do if a delay in rental payments occur and how do you prevent it from occurring in the future?

We can also take the management of your property out of your hands. For this we charge a percentage of 3-5% per month with an emergency line that is also available at night, weekends and public holidays.

More information? Ask us for the possibilities.

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Property maintenance

When you rent a house from us it is always easy to make a maintenance request. This way you avoid unnecessary waste of time and things are well organized. *only when we carry out the management

Easy property maintenance

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